Thailand … In 2 weeks!


Before starting to read this article, I would like to point out that if you are looking for a relaxing luxury itinerary where you imagine yourself in a pool or on a sun lounger in Thailand, GO YOUR ROAD!

Because when we decide to take our backpack, we go for  DISCOVERY first, then, we relax and chill out at the end of our journey.

This is my first trip to Asia and it is also our first trip as a backpakers, and we decided after a long hesitation to do it in Thailand.

We went through our friends and colleagues opinions about Thailland, and it was realy confusing as  some found the country magnificent and even the most beautiful in Southeast Asia, and others were fleeing it because of the mass tourism that has ravaged Thailand a long time ago.

We decided after all to follow the advices of the globe-trotters and the backpackers  who traveled around Asia and the world and who kept talking and talking about the beauty of this country, its wide culinary variety and the its people Kindness. We also followed their advices for a more authentic Thailand  (within the limit of our schedule of course)

Khao Sok – We fall in love with this place

The best time to visit Thailand:

From December to February as it is the dry season and it is the best time to visit the beaches and islands of the Andaman Sea.

Also, there are just few tourists at this period, except for christmas holidays.

We decided to go there from Februray 17th to March 5th

The places we avoided because of the mass tourism

  • Bangkok (We spent less time as possible)
  • Phuket – I don ‘t imagine myself going their at ALLL
  • Pattaya – Same as Phuket
  • Hua Hin
  • Kanchanaburi: Go early in the morning
  • Erwan Park: Go early in the morning
  • Kho Phi Phi North and Maya Bay : Forget about the landscapes you saw Di Caprio in in « The Beach »
  • Chiang Mai: Karen villages with « High-Neck » women

Our itinerary


Our planning 

This is our global planning, other articles are coming soon with more details about every stop

tableau english

Bangkok – Lebua rooftop
Our Tree House – Khao sok nature resort
Tea Plantations – Around Chiang Rai
Trekking day around Chiang Rai
Kuraburi – Going to Surin Islands
Our Floating Bangalows in Khao Sok – 6h30 AM
Boat Trip in Khao Sok lake
The kind of public transportation in Thailand – Chiang Mai
White Temple – Chiang Rai
Doi Inthanon – The highest point in Thaïlande – Around Chiang Mai
Wachirathan Waterfalls – Around Chiang Mai
Moment of peace – Doi Suthep by night – Chiang Mai
Ayutthaya – Around Bangkok
Discovering khao sok lake
Tubkaek Beach – Krabi
Sunset at Tubkaek Beach – Krabi
Chiang Rai bus station-  Ready to go to Chiang Mai by bus
Alone – Tubkaek beach – Krabi
Let’s chill out now – Anyavee tubkaek – Krabi- End of the trip

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